Love the idea of building a new home but not sure who to trust and where to start?

At Freedom Homes we love nothing more than seeing home owners achieve their dream of building their own home. Building a new home can appear daunting to anyone who hasn’t built before, but the end result will be well worth it so don’t let your initial fears put you off.

We make the building process seem easy. Our clients include single women, first time investors and people who have always wanted to build a new home but have previously felt a little daunted about the process. Freedom Homes can cater to all styles, sizes and budgets. We can build you a granny flat, a smart investment property, a spacious family home or a luxurious mansion with all the latest inclusions.

These days we are finding that more single women and retirees are considering building their own home in preference to buying an existing home. Freedom Homes offer the flexibility that these home buyers are looking for by allowing home owners to customise their home to suit their individual needs.

We don’t expect everyone to understand the process of building a new home from scratch – that’s our job. Freedom Homes will walk clients through the important steps to make sure they feel comfortable and well informed. We won’t pressure you to sign on the dotted line unless you feel comfortable and ready to do so. Our friendly down to earth team are always available to assist clients with any questions that they may have along the way.

If you have a block of land in mind we can take a look at it to ensure that the block is suitable for the size and style of home that you are after. Don’t make the mistake of buying a block of land and hoping for the best later – there are other factors to consider such as retaining wall costs, sloping block design costs, easements, covenants, council regulations all of which our team understand and can advise you on.

When building a new home it is really important to set a budget. We work closely with home owners and our home designer to ensure that the total cost of the building is achievable with your budget.

Each year we take on a limited number of new projects and focus 100% of our time on custom designed homes. Unlike most other custom home builders within our region we don’t carry out home renovation work, nor do we mass produce homes from the same sets of plans like the project builders do.

If you choose Freedom Homes you won’t be expected to deal with a Sydney office after you sign a contract. Our sales team, home designers, colour consultants, accounting team and construction team are all conveniently based in the Hunter region at our Tomago office. Our homes are built to last and are constructed using a high quality steel frame system manufactured here in our factory. This gives you the assurance that you won’t have issues with termites and the frame won’t warp or twist over time. We would be happy to explain the benefits of building with steel in more detail with you.

When it comes time to make product and colour selections we make it easy. Our suppliers are locally based and our inhouse colour consultant is available to assist you with any selections such as bricks, tiles, cabinetry, carpets, paint colours, windows etc.

Being a custom design home builder we can show you photos, designs and videos of the gorgeous homes that we have constructed over the years. You are also welcome to speak to some of our past clients to ask them about their building experience with Freedom Homes.


Are you ready to take the plunge? Call us today on 0409 648 400. You will be pleasantly surprised at what Freedom Homes has to offer.