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You have the freedom to choose whatever design and layout you desire when you select Freedom Homes as your builder. We work closely with experienced local home designers to take care of the initial concept design, working drawings, council submissions and associated paperwork to get approvals in place for your new home to be constructed.

Our team will take into consideration your block’s aspect and its surroundings to design a home to suit and enhance your block of land – rather than trying to make a pre-designed plan suit your site.

Benefits of Involving A Builder at Design Stage

Freedom Homes are a home builder with loyal, professional, long term contractors that pride themselves on quality and service. We build between twenty and thirty individually styled homes per year.

Over the past 30 years we have found that involving your builder in the design process generally works out best for everyone involved. Home owners often make the mistake of getting grand plans drawn up only to realise that the project cost is out of their reach once it’s been quoted by a builder. These types of issues will slow a project down considerably and cost you extra money in re-design work.

Freedom Homes has been operating in and around the local area for thirty (30) years and our team work with building budgets of all sizes.

Quote From Your Existing Plans

If you have existing plans drawn up for a new home we would be happy to provide you with a quotation to build your project. Contact us on (02) 4964 8400 to discuss your new residential building project, or email your plans to us at adrian.callaghan@freedomhomes.com.au

If you’d prefer, you can complete the contact us form and a team member will be in touch soon.

Custom Designed Freedom Homes Bedroom

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