What are the benefits of building a Steel Frame Home?

There are many benefits to using steel – the question you should ask yourself is why wouldn’t you build with steel. Read on to find out why you should consider a steel frame home for your next building project.

Lightness, Strength and Durability

Steel frames are lighter and stronger than steel and they offer greater flexibility than timber in construction and design. Steel is easier to erect than timber and it is more consistent to work with. Your home is your greatest investment and it’s reassuring to know that a steel frame won’t buckle or bow – that it will be straight and true for a very, very long time. Each piece of timber you use in a frame is different from another, due to exposure to the elements and natural variances. And later timber can become damp or rot. With steel you know every piece used in the frame will be the same. No bowing. No cupping. No warping.


One of the main reasons people look to build a steel frame home is because it is totally resistant to termite attack. The costs involved in repairing termite damage can be astronomical. On that basis alone it is hard to see why you wouldn’t choose steel framing for your house.

Fire Resistant

Using steel frames removes a proportion of combustible material in case of a house fire, providing peace of mind for home owners. There are other considerations when it comes to building on bush fire prone blocks – smart design, good product choice and selecting a builder who is experienced in building homes to suit these conditions will give you the best result.

Freedom Homes uses steel framing in all our construction. We know that a home built with one of our steel frames won’t sag, warp, twist or rot. The structural integrity of our frames means a stronger home for the entire life of the building, and peace of mind for home owners.

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